( Written long prior to 9/11/01)

by Marlene Vidibor

Every view has some kind of one
As we round a curve, come over a rise, bank high up in the clouds
In every village or hamlet or town we pass
Some are square tall chambers
Some round turrets
Antennae, slender and graceful
Local Eiffel towers

Spires of another sort
Appear beyond the horizon
Big time serious spires
Across roiling, rolling, ice floed, white capped water
Piercingly important
World class spires

The Empire State and Chrysler buildings
World Trade Center’s twin towers
St. Patrick's Cathedral, Sacre Coeur
Christopher Wren's Westminster Abbey
Chicago’s Sears Tower
Seattle's Space Needle
LA's Kaiser-Permanente
The leaning tower of Pisa

Impressive towers of commerce all
One kind of commerce or another
Commercial commerce
Tourist commerce
Communication commerce
Medical commerce
Spiritual Commerce

Who knows what hope, what haven
What awe, what fear
Their presence engenders

Who knows what meaning
Such spires have given to
Aspiring youth
Within their range

Broadcast waves, tolling bells
Sublime carillon airs
Signals to our souls
As they sink into
The middens of the future

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