As of now, The Journals has three contributors to our Story Pages.

Here they are. Clicking on these links will bring you to the authors' biography pages, and from there you can open the stories.

Tom Sheehan, master story teller, has sent us his wonderful, touching story, The Boy with the Golden Ring. This story will live in your hearts forever. And, here is another great Tom Sheehan story, The Miracle of Bereft John.

Tom has also submitted a powerful essay, A Little Red Wagon, A Long Remebered Face. The good news is that Tom will be sending more of his work, such as A Last Note to Charlie Poulin. We look forward to many more from Tom.

Irving Greenfield's story about Father Bannon and his surprise phone call and surprise visitor. Then, Fr. Bannon has a new adventure in Marching Through Georgia with Father Bannon.

We now have six stories by Isak Romun (Gordon Bennett). Murphy's Flight, a story that touches our times, plus five other great stories. Father Bax's Vacation, The Game of Pairs, An Absence of Luck, Nero Knarr's Poison, and Isak's newest story, The Infant and the Cross

Read and enjoy.

Stay tuned! Irving and Isak are writing more Father Bax and Father Bannon stories!


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