The Right Voice

by Stephanie Sawyer

The voice was gentle as His always is, unforced, simple, and plain. Suddenly, the truth was upon me.

“Listen to Jesus, not your enemies.”

My heart melted for I knew the Lord's love for me. Nothing could shake that.

The paralyzing phone call made only an hour earlier suddenly took on new light. I had taken courage when suddenly inspired by a friend, a woman of God. Petitioned to answer for my rudeness to another, I knew I must hold myself accountable. It was my duty and call to admit my weakness, my wrongdoing, and ask forgiveness for my harshness given out a few weeks ago. I picked up the phone without hesitation.

Surprised by the call, the recipient gladdened at my explanation and extended her appreciation. I wish the call had stopped there. Instead, she took opportunity to recite past difficulties and I found myself being attacked.

“You've got a lot of problems,” she insisted.

Blame and ridicule poured out over the phone to my vulnerable state. She continued on in her opportunity to share her opinion as I attempted to hold my tongue. I finally told her that I only called to apologize. Ending the call as graciously as I could, I dissolved to sobs at the horrible outcome of the call. I finally called my prayer partner long distance.

Thank God for my prayer partner. And bless the Lord that she was available. Upon subduing me and spending quite a bit of time assisting me, I finally asked her for prayer. My prayer partner has a wonderful gift and strength in prayer, and I knew the effects immediately upon hanging up the phone.

The attacker's voice instantly returned to me as I attempted to resume my evening. The harassment of ridicule filled my mind. “You've got a lot of problems. You cause things yourself.”

Then suddenly, sweet as perfume, I heard it.

“Listen to Jesus, not your enemies.”

I knew that Jesus would receive me with love in an apology. I knew that He looked at my heart. All I needed to focus on was how I stood with Him. The rest is for Him to take care of.


The End


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