A Love Letter

by Stephanie Sawyer

Dedicated to Grass Circler

Only love can share this experience.

My precious one –
Delight to my eye
Joy to my Being –
                              You are mine.

I delight in you.

All that you are –
  All that you have –
    I have given you –
      From the very beginning –

I molded you
  From the treasures of my Existence –

Because I wanted you.

I delight in you now –
  Each day –
  Each hour.

You are Mine.

Turn to Me, my precious one.

Know that you are Mine.

My light encompasses you –
  holds you
    endears you
                           even though you doubt My Presence.

Listen for Me
  in the quiet of your heart.

I am there –
  waiting for you.

I will wait, my dear one,
  for as long as you need.

I will always
  be here for you.

I am your Lord,
         your Maker.

     You are My own.

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