General Intention Prayers

Prayer for Vocations

Loving God, You plant seeds of hope and faithfulness within our hearts and water them with your grace and mercy.

As we pray for vocations to ordained and religious life, give joy to your servants and help us to patiently tend what you have sown.

May our lives be abundantly fruitful for your kingdom, where you live and reign with the Risen Christ and the Spirit of wisdom and light.




Prayer for a Special Intention


Almighty God, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, I beg you to hear my prayer and answer it (now mention your intention).


 Morning Offering


My God, I offer you this day
All I shall think and do and say;
Uniting it with what was done
On earth by Jesus Christ your Son.



Prayer in Time of Urgent Need


Our Lady, our Queen and
our Mother, We implore you to take our cause in hand (now mention it) And obtain for it prompt success.


    Evening Prayer

   Now at the daylight's ending
   We turn, O God, to you:
   Send forth your Holy Spirit,
   Our Spirit now renew.

   To you in adoration,
   In thankfulness and praise,
   In faith and hope and gladness,
   Our loving hearts we raise.

   The gift you gave at daylight
   This night you take away,
   To leave within our keeping
   The blessings of this day.

   Take all its joy and sorrow,
   Take all that love can give,
   But all that needs forgiveness,
   Dear Father, now forgive.

   With watchful eyes, O Shepherd,    Look down upon your sheep;
   Stretch forth your hands in healing    And close our eyes in sleep.

   Come down, O Holy Spirit,
   To be our loving Guest;
   Be near us, holy angels,
   And guard us as we rest.

   We praise you, heav'nly Father:    From you all light descends;
   You give us heaven's glory
   When life's brief daylight ends.

   We praise you, Jesus, Savior,
   The light of heav'n above;
   We praise you, Holy Spirit,
   The living flame of love.




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