An Act of Consecration to Our Lady of LaSalette

Most holy Mother, Our Lady of LaSalette, who for love of me, did shed such bitter tears in your merciful apparition, look down with kindness upon me as I consecrate myself to you without reserve. From this day, my glory shall be to know that I am your child. May I so live as to dry your tears and console your afflicted heart. Beloved Mother, to you and to your blessed charge and sacred keeping, and into the bosom of your mercy, for this day and for every day, and for the hour of my death, I commend myself, body and soul, every hope and every joy, every trouble and every sorrow, my life and my life's end. Deign, 0 dearest Mother, to enlighten my understanding, to direct my steps, to console me by your maternal protection, so that exempt from all error, sheltered from every danger of sin, strengthened against my enemies, I may, with ardor and invincible courage, walk in the paths traced out for me by you and your Son. Amen.

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