Tuesday May Be A Day Too Late

by Tom Sheehan

Greet the dawn each day as if a long lost friend’s come home;
Make one and only one promise to yourself
That you will enjoy the day and all it brings;
Find in yourself the one extra ounce of reserve
When you need it, and you will, for each day
Demands energy as well as love;
Smile and say hello everyday to at least one stranger;
Acknowledge the joy of children and the peace
That elders deserve; be as free with compliments
As you are with your criticism; bite your tongue
On the first harsh word you want to say;
Shake hands as if you were a link in a lifeline;
Once in a while give something away
That’s important to you, but not a dream;
Recall the faces of your parents and a childhood incident,
And remember their touch, their kiss,
Their hand on you;
Retire with a smile to the joy of your rest,
Knowing tomorrow is at hand; and above all,
Grasp your dream as if it had handles,
For you are the only one who can turn it around.

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