Gethsemane in Every Breath

by Michael R. Burch

LORD, we have lost our way, and now
we have mislaid love—earth’s fairest rose.
We forgot hope’s song—the way it goes.
Help us reclaim their gifts, somehow.

LORD, we have wondered long and far
in search of Bethlehem’s retrograde star.
Now in night’s dead cold grasp, we gasp:
our “lives,” one long-drawn rattling rasp
of misspent breath ... before we drown.
LORD, help us through this spiral down
because we faint, and do not see
above or beyond despair’s trajectory.

Remember that You, too, once held
imperiled life within your hands
as hope withdrew ... that where You knelt
      —a stranger in a stranger land—
the chalice glinted cold afar
and red with blood as hellfire.

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