What is the Color of Your Hat?

by Robert Dermody


It looks as if we are losing the battle. What battle, you say? Let me call it the battle between those who want to secularize the United States and those who uphold our nation's Christian heritage. In simple terms, let we can call this struggle the guys in the white hats versus the guys in the black hats. The guys in the white hats are losing.

How could this be happening? What caused the nation to get on this mad, downhill plunge? I think I know part of the answer. Let me call it the “good feeling” attitude, which is supposed to make us all feel good if we don't have guilt. Anything goes, because it doesn’t matter if it something right or wrong, or if there is really a difference between right and wrong. We can do anything and be happy.

For example, today we have certain radio talk show hosts who exemplify the “shock jock” format. We also have entertainers who are stooping to new lows, about halfway into the gutter, pandering to a somewhat degenerate audience. Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t use the word degenerate, because that word really doesn’t apply anymore to anyone in today’s culture now, does it?

There are other examples. The U.S. Supreme Court, in their Roe v. Wade majority decision said that the court couldn’t really determine when life actually begins. I wonder if they ever thought to ask the scientific community when life begins? Then we have the embryonic stem cell research question. There is nothing wrong with stem cell research. What is wrong is where the stem cells originate. If they come from adults or other non-embryonic sources, that is OK. If they come from aborted babies or humans killed in their earliest stages of life, such as in the in-vitrio fertilization process, that is wrong.

And of course, we have the same-sex marriage advocates. Most clear thinking persons recognize this as an affront to God and nature.

Today there are many in government — senators, judges, and candidates for office who are either misinformed about what is right and wrong or who don’t really care. You have often heard the abortion is right because it is the law of the land. I wonder when the law of the land first trumped God's law?

You get the picture. We are losing our perspective on what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong. The big question is 'How can we return to to sanity'?

I think the obvious solution lies with the religious community. Bishops, pastors, and clerics in all religions have to start re-emphasizing what is right and what is wrong in today’s society. I understand that this may cause a problem if spoken from the pulpit, especially if the words take aim at government and those running for office. The veiled threat has been suggested that the tax-exempt status of churches and religious communities will be cancelled if they make waves in the political arena. This is a real problem. However, I think there is one way to work around this problem.

If what is permitted and not permitted under God’s law becomes more than just an occasional topic for a Sunday homily, I think thinking in this country would start to change dramatically. Not too many years ago moral ethics was the thrust of many sermons.Today it seems that is not the case.

If things such as abortion, improper stem cell research, in-vitro fertilization, and human cloning, and same-sex marriage are addressed as being very wrong, and without specific reference to government policies or politicians, I don’t see how it could be construed as a religion sticking their nose into government activities. What I’m saying is that we have to start the ground shaking a bit under the feet of the faithful. Let’s get some indignation started. Let the people start to sound off that they don’t accept what is going on. I think that will go a long way to pushing the camel’s nose out from under the tent. Let’s hear the truth from the pulpit! Don’t expect things to get better all by themselves. So far they haven't.

Let's get more of us to wear those white hats..


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