The Ten Commandments Are Obsolete...Aren't They?

by Bea Michael

Sure the Ten Commandments are obsolete. How can the Ten Commandments, handed down by God to Moses thousands of years ago, make any sense in the 21st century? Why bother even thinking about them, much less following them?

That's what many people believe. They are positive about it. This may be so because they don't see how the commandments relate to their lives and society in general. But, let's take a second look, and use as our guide an age-old but often overlooked concept—Good behavior brings good results and bad behavior brings bad results.

So here goes. Take the commandment against stealing. What happens if you steal. If you steal something small, you know down deep that you were wrong, and you are "bugged" by it. If you steal something big, such as embezzling money, you end up in the penitentiary, which is not good.

Let's look at the commandment telling us not to commit adultery. Some say it is OK to be an adulterer because everyone does it, don't they?. Then, ask yourself, "What is OK about shattered families, divorces, traumatized children, and those alimony payments?" What good do you see in those results?

Something else to think about is the commandment to honor God. There are many good results obtained if you do, such as blessings, peace of mind, direction in your life, and satisfaction in knowing that you are doing the right thing. Now think about what will happen if you take the other path. Is the other path worth it?

You got the idea. The rest is up to you. Pick a another commandment. Think about what the commandment says. Is there any good in what it tells you? Does it add quality to your life, does it encourage proper behavior? Does it enhance society, does it enhance your well being? Or is it all a bunch of malarkey? Honest answer, please!

To wind it up, it seems that God knew what was good for us, and had our well being topmost in His mind. He sent us the ground rules to follow that assured our greatest good.

Any serious rebuttals?

The End


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