Reflection: Christmas is Under Attack

by Father Don Thomas

Christmas is under attack. This is definitely true, and millions of Christians are walking right into the trap and betraying Christ, themselves, and especially their children. Let me tell you why. It all has to do with our choices. Let me make a comparison. In 2004, a rising singing star by the name of Daniel O'Donnell from Ireland was entertaining in Branson, Missouri. During one of his breaks, he was addressing the supporters of public television to excite the folks to pick up the phone and make a pledge, Daniel very effectively used the concept of “voting” to make his point. Voting involves choices. Our choice is like a vote, and people generally look upon voting as something serious, personal and Sacred. No one wants the church, the government, and the neighbor to interfere or influence another person's decision or vote. By way of example, Daniel pointed out that no one can deny that in the entertainment arena today there is a great deal of dirty, filthy and rotten material slipping into our homes, affecting adults and children as well; Then there is public television providing clean, attractive, brilliant programs, with outstanding singers of the past and present, providing excellent entertainment. This, however, costs money, and one's decision to pledge or not to pledge is tantamount to voting for or against this decent, captivating and wholesome entertainment. We actually control whether we are going to have the good or the bad come into our homes. We can choose whether we are in favor of something or against it. Our choice to pledge is, therefore, like a vote for what we think is better for us. It is truly a personal vote, and as we said above, we do not want the church, the state, our parents or our neighbors deciding for us. Voting ‘is truly a sacred and serious right, and at the same time, a most rewarding privilege. Now, what about the attack on Christmas?

It is imperative that we understand at the outset that the secularists have a very ulterior motive for taking religion out of Christmas. It is not the attack on Christ or on the crib that they are concerned about. It is the power of organized religion, calling for accountability and responsibility in our lives—that is what has them upset. How will they ever get same-­sex marriages approved in society, or bring about the approval of abortion and euthanasia (mercy-killing) or the acceptance of drugs in all forms and circumstances (all of which involves irresponsible conduct)—if religious people stand in the way? That's their agenda. They want no part of Christmas because even the spelling drives them crazy, for Christ has been recognized as the world's greatest teacher, and he stands for all that they oppose. Jesus definitely is looking for a vote of confidence, but from what I can observe, we are betraying his expectations by purchasing greeting cards that extol Santa Claus, the reindeer, and the snow man, and even sex-related pictures as well. Our betrayal is exhibited in the secularistic greetings like “happy holiday”—no more Merry Christmas or “May you enjoy this holy season”—all those things we are pressured to abandon so we won't offend anyone's feelings, while millions of Christians are offended by this kind of pressure.

This is where our power must be exerted. We have choices to make, but we must prepare ourselves mentally to make the proper choices. Beat others to the punch with your own “Christmas greeting”, and try to realize that your choice is like a vote. Are you in favor of what is happening in taking Christ and religion out of Christmas, or are you against it? Christ is looking for a vote of confidence in this matter. Christ puts his trust in us, and we would do well to put our trust in him, and in what he stands for. Our legacy for our children and grandchildren is included in all of this. Are we going to defend them or abandon them? Make your vote count. Incidentally, just stop to realize that there are many millions of Catholics and non-Catholics who are being run down and pressured by a relatively small group that is pushing their cause. I really do believe that there will be a strong and successful backlash within the next few years, and Christ, after whom Christmas was named will come out the winner by a wide margin. He who will judge the living and the dead will have the last word here and hereafter you can bet on that.


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