A Spirit defined, and its Relation
to Abortion and Integration

by Fr. Don Thomas


When out of the blue, you are asked "What is it that makes you a person?" frequently the answer refers to the type of body we have as opposed to dogs, cats, and horses. Not a good answer, because it is very far from the truth. Here's why. If it is the body that makes one a person, then the dog, cat, or horse should also be persons because they all have a body.

No, it is the soul, or spirit, that defines a person , and the body, with its individuating characteristics like the size, the weight, the color of hair, makes that soul a very definite and particular person. This is how we distinguish one person from the next.

Yes, it is the soul that makes you a person and your body makes you the particular person that you are.

After reflecting on the nature of spirits as we have done in Reflection #1 (Thoughts About Spirits...and the holy Trinity) it becomes easier to understand why God is a person, and so are angels, including Satan who is a fallen angel.

Now I will discuss a few important issues that affect our society and the entire human race; abortion and integration. It follows that once God creates a soul, you have a spirit, and with the spirit you have a person . If it is true that every person has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it becomes eminently clear why abortion is a direct attack on an innocent person, and therefore called murder by so many. Murder is defined as "a direct attack on an innocent life". If growth is indicative of life, you can be sure that if that fetus is just a "blob" or a "mass", there would be no growth.

You never see a brick grow bigger or thicker, or a rock or a stick. They are inanimate. Animus is a Latin word for "spirit" or "soul", which indicates life, and "inanimate" means "without life" — the brick and the rock. It is truly inconsistent, strange, unusual, and questionable why dogs, cats, frogs, deer and all the living animals can have "little ones or babies" and everyone calls them baby frogs, baby puppies, baby kittens, and baby deer. But when a woman has a baby, some do not want to call it a "baby human". What a tragic mistake! What do they think it is? Let them just watch it grow in the womb! Modern medical equipment has made this possible.

Then we have the question of integration and how millions have rejected it for years and continue today to reject integration in favor of segregation. Again, reflecting on the nature of "spirits" and the two faculties of every spirit — intellect and free will. It is obvious to see why it was so wrong not to consider blacks or African Americans as human beings in the days of segregation. Line up five different people on a stage, and let them represent the "white, the black, the Chinese, the Japanese or the Vietnamese"— and then ask each one to think, to choose, and to talk. And when they do, producing spiritual operations like thinking and choosing, you can be sure that something is causing that to happen. What is that "something"? It is the soul. The soul makes the person, and the body defines a particular person. Little by little, it seems we are now learning this truth after all these centuries. It is a shame, and a very sad commentary on our "intelligence", that we have not been able to see this fact earlier. Yes, it is even sadder and tragic to think that we still have millions who are unwilling to admit what is so obvious to millions of others. Death, as they say, is the great equalizer, and it will be at that time that it will be eminently clear what Christ meant when He said that it is no big deal if a man or woman gains the whole world but loses his or her immortal soul.


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