What is the Purpose of These Reflections

by Father Don Thomas

For the benefit of Catholics and Non-Catholics alike, these reflections are written with the hope of bringing about a clearer understanding of the differences between Christians of various denominations. If this aim is secured, it will produce a significant tolerance of various faiths, and provide many answers to questions that many have about the Catholic Faith. Respect for people who believe differently is shown throughout the reflections, and some of the topics considered come from the bible, others from church teachings, still others from common sense and human experiences.

These reflections are not written to impress brilliant men and women in the fields of theology, but rather for very ordinary people who may have questions they have always wondered about, and even some objections to aspects of religion that they have read about or heard about in conversations with others. Hopefully, they may find some answers in these reflections. Should anyone come across any errors or misunderstandings, there is a phone number under my photo and autobiography and I would appreciate any information that would enable me to correct mistakes or clarify any points that are nebulous. Putting the phone number right here (860-586-0713) makes it even easier to make that phone contact.

Very often prejudice and ignorance contribute to a lack of understanding and respect for people of various religious backgrounds. May these reflections serve to satisfy the longing that so many wonderful people have to grow in their knowledge and love for God and for others. Love of God and love of neighbor sum up the greatest of all the commandments, and if these writings are of any help to anyone, I will be very pleased to have attained that goal. I am fully aware that there is a lot of room for different approaches to many of these topics, and certainly there is no pretense or suggestion that mine is the final word in these matters. I must say, in closing, that for Catholics the topics of doctrine are not optional with regard to acceptance or rejection. I pray that my efforts will simply enable everyone who reads these reflections to have a deeper and greater appreciation for their respective relationships with God and others.

The End


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