Reflection: Morning Offering

by Father Don Thomas


In Sacred Scripture the early Christians were encouraged to do all things, like eating or drinking, or anything else, for the honor and glory of God (l Cor. 10:31-32). Over the years, a tradition in our Catholic Church has developed and it is called the Morning Offering.

As far as the words are concerned, there is no set form to be used, and one can actually make up his or her own prayer called the Morning Offering. Based on the above-mentioned Scripture passage, the Morning offering is truly a powerful and very important prayer we can easily use in our daily lives without much difficulty or sacrifice.

We all recall what a tremendous power King Midas had in being able to change into gold everything he touched. We, as Christians, have a far greater power in being able to take natural actions like eating or drinking, walking or talking, washing up or watching the baby, mopping the floor or doing the dishes---and especially if we are suffering, we can take all these natural actions and change them into supernatural actions or prayers just by reciting a few lines of the Morning Offering to begin each day.

Every breath we draw can become a prayer because of our intention to do all things this day for the honor and glory of God. What a powerful prayer it is in helping us to store up a spiritual treasure in striving to work out our salvation. I am reminded of an interesting book I read back in the '40's or '50's and it was entitled "Life at my Fingertips". A very impressive thing about that book that I recall so vividly was the fact that a young man, more badly handicapped than Helen Keller, was in his room typing away at a term paper he was writing for his college homework. Unknown to him, the blind young man's room-mate had gotten up earlier and he took out the worn-out ribbon from the typewriter, with the intention of bringing back a new ribbon to replace it. The young blind man had been typing for about two hours when his buddy opened the door, surprised to see his friend using the typewriter so early in the morning. He felt so badly about what was so obvious to him, but not to his blind friend. Two hours of typing and nothing to show for it. What an unfortunate incident!

But, then, isn't God trying to tell us how to avoid such a tragic ending in our spiritual lives? Through the Morning Offering we have a chance to do wonders in preparing ourselves for meeting our God after death. If we put the ribbon of good intentions in the typewriters of our lives, we will have something to show for years of hard work and good living. On the other hand, we can fail to do that, and after 60 or 70 years, we can die and have nothing to show for all those years of opportunity. Let us learn about the Morning Offering and then say it at the beginning of each day.

This is also a clever way of praying always, another invitation extended to us by our Savior, Jesus Christ. Give it a try. Right here in "The Journals", under PRAYERS, you will find a model you may wish to use. Go for it.

My God, I offer you this day
All I shall think or do or say;
Uniting it with what was done
On earth by Jesus Christ your Son.



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