Reflection: Trying to Change God's Laws

by Father Don Thomas

Prior to the beginning of our twenty-first century in which we find our judicial court system in such disastrous disarray, to the young man or woman who decided to attend law school, one basic principle that became evident was the fact that whoever has the power to make a law also has the power to change that law. This was recognized and acknowledged whether one was referring to the laws of God, the federal or state government, to the church, to the school, to parents and to those in charge of a business and so forth. If someone could make a law, he or she could change that law.

Millions still believe this principle, but in a society in which the Importance of God Is diminished or his existence even denied, many of our so-called legal experts have assumed the role and power of God, leading to a nation that is indisputably divided. Get God out of the schools, get God out of Christmas, get God out of Easter, get God our the constitution—that's the game they are playing today in our courts, and they keep doing all in their power to invite more people to join their team. There can be little doubt that if we continue to pursue this course of action, our nation will be morally bankrupt beyond repair. We are failing to learn from the history of other nations and empires, all the while deluding ourselves into thinking it cannot or will not happen to us.

With no intention of insulting anyone's intelligence, let me break down, by way of some examples, the significance of the "law principle" stated above at the outset. If whoever has the power to make a law also has the power to change it, it means that if God makes a law, God can change it; if the federal or state government makes laws about taxes, about speed limits and other things, the federal or state government can change those laws; if parents in the home make rules for the children, the parents can change those rules or laws; if the principal of a school or the coach of a team makes rules for his or her charges, the principal or the coach can change those rules; if a bishop makes rules for his diocese or if a pastor makes rules for his parish, he can change those rules whenever he wishes.

This is the way it always was until recently when so many of our judges have stepped over the boundaries and have begun "to establish or change the law rather than interpret the law". We have three distinct branches of government for a reason, the legislative, the executive and judicial. Their roles are all different and distinct, and what is happening is that the third is assuming the role and power of the first, and in some cases even the power of God, especially in areas of life and death.

Without oversimplifying the situation, let me indicate the manner in which many have decided to operate. In the case of God making laws, he tells us that they are unchangeable, immutable and eternal. It is so important to note that all the laws of nature are laws of God, like the law of gravity and thousands of other laws of nature. Only God can change them. But what do we do? We start thinking and believing that we can change them. And so, we become like the guy who says: "Take that law of gravity. Saying that no one can change it is so stupid. I'll show them. I'll change it". He climbs up on top of his house and tries to convince himself that he is going to change the law of gravity, because he tells himself that when he jumps off the roof he is going to go up instead of down. He is a bit surprised when he hits the ground and in thinking it over, he starts to believe that his mistake was made by trying to change the law of gravity all by himself.

Someone once told him that there was strength in numbers and so he gets two hundred people to show up on the edge of a cliff, and he tells them that they are going to do something that no one else has ever done before. He asks how many of them want to go up instead of down when he yells, "jump". They all yell "up", and so he tells them to jump. What I am telling you as you read this is that if he ever wants to see them again, he better look down on the ground. Numbers will never change the law of God. Right there is the big mistake being made today. We have come to think in our country that by "voting on everything and taking polls" we can change anything, even the laws of God, including the laws of nature. Vote on abortion, vote on euthanasia, vote on same-sex marriages, vote on this or vote on that and boy, we can change anything. Many people, unfortunately, seem to think this is all right. They actually begin to think that voting on the Ten Commandments would be all right because the courts say so.

They still have to learn that there is a big difference between being "legal" and being "morally right". I think we all know that if the speed limit is 65 miles an hour, it is legal to drive 65, but not when you see a teacher helping a group of children get across the highway and you deliberately smash into them because the speed limit is 65 and it is "legal". No, that is wrong even if they were using poor judgment in crossing the highway at that time.

Speaking of courts, it is so re-assuring to know that all of us, including the judges in our society today, will appear before the one judge who in no way is affected by prejudice, buy-outs, bribes, pride, lust for power or any other factors that can interfere with the exercise of justice. In our society today, therefore, we must keep reminding ourselves and others to respect the laws of God rather than try to change them. God will have the last word and justice will prevail.


The End


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