Rev. Don Thomas, M.S.

I am pleased to be a newly recruited contributor to The Journals ,the new Catholic website. I was born in northeast Pennsylvania, a little town outside of Scranton, called Jermyn, PA, and I am the ninth of ten children. Consequently, I learned at an early age to be a "survivor". Sounds familiar in this TV age of ours. I was educated in the seminaries of the Missionaries of Our Lady of LaSalette, and was ordained on May 11, 1957. After teaching in the seminary for five years, my ministry for the past 42 years has been in parishes in Michigan, Louisiana and Texas. In the spirit of ecumenism, I have shared many wonderful experiences with people of various faiths and denominations, and I have always striven to explain aspects of our Catholic Faith, not with the intention of changing peoples' minds by way of conversion, as much as helping them understand the position and the teachings, with the hope of effecting better communication and mutual respect. I feel I have enjoyed much success in that endeavor.

You may contact me at

85 New Park Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Tel: 860-586-0713

or email me at

Reflections by Father Thomas

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to Abortion and Integration

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Call No Man Father

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Some Thoughts on the Holy Bible


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Anger, Hatred, and No Forgiveness

Perfect and Imperfect Contrition

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What is LaSalette About?

The Message of LaSalette

What Is the Difference Between Diocesan
and Religious Priests and Brothers

My Mother Was A Priest

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In Relationships—Actor or Re-Actor?

Our Tongue—Do We Value It?

Becoming Like Protestants

Please Help Me Understand Annulments

Funerals: Nothing Against Flowers, But...

Christmas is Under Attack

How Do I Know When I Am Truly Sorry?

How Do Covenants and Contracts Differ?

Sacramentals Are Not Sacraments

Social Development is a "Must"

Some Spoken Words We Live to Regret

More Sayings We Live to Regret

November—and the Communion of Saints

Solving Disagreements Agreeably

Who's Kidding Whom?

Cheap? Selfish? or Generous? Take Your Pick

In Our Car, Faith Can Improve Our Driving

Get Behind Me Satan

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